New Podcast! Yine Yeni Yeniden 90’lar

My dear friend Dr. İlker Hepkaner from New York and I are extremely happy to announce that our new podcast Yine Yeni Yeniden 90’lar is online now! We talk about the 90s Turkish pop music and analyse it from different academic perspectives. If you understand spoken Turkish, have a listen to our episodes. Arkadaşlar bugün çokContinue reading “New Podcast! Yine Yeni Yeniden 90’lar”

15×4 Munich

It was a great experience to talk at the 15×4 Munich, whose aim is to make scientific knowledge and education accessible for everyone. After listening to great presentations about particle physics, gmo and inception, I talked about bilingualism and music education, which was the topic of my PhD thesis. I even made people sing “theContinue reading “15×4 Munich”

New Music Project: Squareplatz!

Friends, Today is the big day. Another dream of mine comes true: Making electronic music,being part of a band and this time literally ‘moving’ people! Our first single as Squareplatz is out. Hope you like it and dance with me! Spotify: YouTube: iTunes: Amazon Music: Arkadaşlar, Bugün büyük gün! Bir hayalimContinue reading “New Music Project: Squareplatz!”

My Book is out now! Bilingualism and Music Education

So happy to share that my PhD thesis became a book and it is out now! Links below! Mutlulukla sunarım, doktora tezim kitap oldu, huzurlarınıza çıktı! Sipariş etmek isteyenler için birkaç bağlantı bırakıyorum buraya. Amazon: Google Books: Hugendubel: Thalia: Amazon (US):

Talk at the Katolische Universität Eichstätt

I was invited by the Katolische Universität Eichstätt to give a seminar about music and multilingualism to bachelor’s and master’s students. After a very productive session, I explored this lovely city a little bit. Bugün Katolische Universität Eichstätt’in davetlisi oldum ve üniversite öğrencileri ile müzik ve çokdillilik hakkında yaptığım çalışmaları paylaşma fırsatını yakaladım. Sonrasında daContinue reading “Talk at the Katolische Universität Eichstätt”

Neuro-Psychiatrisches Zentrum Riem

I believe songs have the talent of not recognising places, rooms or occupations. They are able to go anywhere and touch anybody. I thought about this last Friday when I sang at a neuropsychiatry centrum for the first time in my life. I would like to thank Dr. med. Elif Duygu Cindik-Herbrüggen and Neuro-Psychiatrisches ZentrumContinue reading “Neuro-Psychiatrisches Zentrum Riem”