Mother Tongues Festival Dublin

I attended the Mother Tongues festival in Dublin-Ireland in February to hold two events. In the first event, I conducted a music workshop with multilingual families and their children. In the second one, I worked with language teachers about how to use music effectively in the classroom. Şubat ayında iki adet etkinlik yapmak için Dublin-İrlanda’dakiContinue reading “Mother Tongues Festival Dublin”

15×4 Munich

It was a great experience to talk at the 15×4 Munich, whose aim is to make scientific knowledge and education accessible for everyone. After listening to great presentations about particle physics, gmo and inception, I talked about bilingualism and music education, which was the topic of my PhD thesis. I even made people sing “theContinue reading “15×4 Munich”

Talk at the Orff Insitute, Salzburg

I held a talk about music and bilingualism, followed by a discussion session with Mozarteum Orff Institute bachelor and master students. They were very interested in the topic and challenged me with smart questions. Many thanks for the invite! Müzik ve ikidillilik hakkında Salzburg’da bulunan Orff Enstitüsü’nde bachelor ve master öğrencileri için bir seminer verdim.Continue reading “Talk at the Orff Insitute, Salzburg”

New Project with AEV

Studies indicate that music education has a positive impact on language learning. We, too observed the similar effects in our project with AEV, which took place last semester. We start our sessions again in order to support the bilingualism (especially with Turkish and German) through music. Exciting! Bilimsel çalışmalar, müzik eğitiminin dil öğrenme üzerinde olumluContinue reading “New Project with AEV”

Zaman Almanya, June 2016

Here is an article about me and my work at Zaman Almanya. Special thanks to Hüseyin Oluc for the article, and Emma Jane Photography for the photo. Click here to read the article online. Bugünün Zaman Almanya gazetesinden benimle ve yaptığım çalışmalarla ilgili bir haber. Roportaj için Hüseyin Oluc’a, fotoğraf Emma Jane’e müteşekkirim. Buraya tıklayarak haberi okuyabilirsiniz.