In addition to his degrees in music education and over ten years of experience in teaching, Sezgin loves to share his passion and knowledge about music with other people. So far he has taught music from Early Years to adult level. He finds it fascinating to work with different age groups. Click here to learn more about individual and group music lessons.

He has seen the benefits of music for language learning back then when he was learning English in the school. Since then, it has become his passion to understand this phenomena. First, he received his master’s thesis about the primary students’ academic achievement in their mother tongue and music lessons. Then, he studied the Turkish immigrant parents in Germany in order to reveal the relationship between bilingualism and music. In addition to that, he has worked in bilingual daily cares and schools with children from different countries in order to understand how bilingualism (or multilingualism) works and how we could support it with music. Since he is fascinated by the results, he decided to share his experience and knowledge with the world, and started the ‘Music and Multilingualism‘ programme. Through this project, he trains parents, teachers, kindergarten teachers, and everyone else who is interested in the topic.