In addition to his degrees in music education and over ten years of experience in teaching, Sezgin loves to share his passion and knowledge about music with other people. So far he has taught music from early years to adult level. He finds it fascinating to work with different age groups.

Sezgin also founded the interdisciplinary music-language-education platform ‘music4words’, whose main purpose is promoting the benefits of music education for multilingualism. Sezgin has years of experience witnessing the benefits of music’s impact on the process of learning a language that goes back to when he was learning English in school. Since then it became his passion to understand this phenomena. He initially earned a Master’s Degree studying primary students’ academic achievement and the correlation between native languages and music training. While studying for his PhD, his focus was on Turkish immigrant families in Germany in order to understand the relationship between bilingualism and music. He currently teaches Community Music at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and continues to research inter/transcultural music education and the relationship between gender and music.

Please visit music4words.com for more information.

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