Back on Stage – April issue

I wrote an article in the April issue of Back On Stage. I tried to convey the situation of musicians in Germany during the corona period. Back On Stage’in Nisan sayısında benim de bir yazım var. Korona döneminde Almanya’daki müzisyenlerin durumunu aktarmaya çalıştım. Buradan okuyabilirsiniz: Sezgin İnceel COVID-19’un etkilerini Almanya’dan anlatıyor

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

Such a lovely evening! I felt very privileged to be able to share my stories with this great audience. Thank you so much @langhammerandi, @sub_szene_muc and @jennywasafriendofminemunich for the organization.🙋‍♂️ So ein schöner Abend! Ich fühlte mich sehr privilegiert, meine Geschichten mit diesem großartigen Publikum teilen zu dürfen. Vielen Dank an @langhammerandi, @sub_szene_muc und @jennywarafriendofminemunich für die Organisation.🙋‍♂️ Ne güzel bir akşam oldu! Hikayelerimi insanlarlaContinue reading “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”

Live in Zurich

Yesterday I got to perform in Switzerland first time ever. It was a great pleasure to play some Turkish tunes with the cellist Romana Kaiser and share the stage with the talented violinist Ciprian Musceleanu. Life, thank you for all of these 🙏 Teşekkürler! Dün şarkılarımı ilk kez İsviçre’de dalgalandırmanın ve sesimi, dilimi, müziğimi hiçContinue reading “Live in Zurich”

Mother Tongues Festival Dublin

I attended the Mother Tongues festival in Dublin-Ireland in February to hold two events. In the first event, I conducted a music workshop with multilingual families and their children. In the second one, I worked with language teachers about how to use music effectively in the classroom. Şubat ayında iki adet etkinlik yapmak için Dublin-İrlanda’dakiContinue reading “Mother Tongues Festival Dublin”

New Podcast! Yine Yeni Yeniden 90’lar

My dear friend Dr. İlker Hepkaner from New York and I are extremely happy to announce that our new podcast Yine Yeni Yeniden 90’lar is online now! We talk about the 90s Turkish pop music and analyse it from different academic perspectives. If you understand spoken Turkish, have a listen to our episodes. Arkadaşlar bugün çokContinue reading “New Podcast! Yine Yeni Yeniden 90’lar”

15×4 Munich

It was a great experience to talk at the 15×4 Munich, whose aim is to make scientific knowledge and education accessible for everyone. After listening to great presentations about particle physics, gmo and inception, I talked about bilingualism and music education, which was the topic of my PhD thesis. I even made people sing “theContinue reading “15×4 Munich”