Interview on the Radio Lora München

Last night we talked about music, concerts, complicated rhytms and ships on the Radio Lora 92.4. Whoever wants to practice his/her Turkish and German can give it a try. Click here to read the interview. Click here to listen to the interview. Dün akşam Radio Lora‘da müzik, konserler, aksak ritmler ve gemiler hakkında konuştuk. İsteyenContinue reading “Interview on the Radio Lora München”

Next Concert ‘Gemiler Giresun’e/Schiffe nach Giresun’

Next concert of ‘Gemiler Giresune/Schiffe nach Giresun’ will be on the 22nd of April 2016 at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Here are the details: »Gemiler Giresun’e« – »Schiffe nach Giresun« Datum: 22.04.2016 Uhrzeit: 20:00 Uhr Ort: Arcisstraße: Opernschule, Raum 33 Eintritt: Eintritt frei Programm: Gesprächskonzert mit traditionellen türkischen Volksliedern (in derContinue reading “Next Concert ‘Gemiler Giresun’e/Schiffe nach Giresun’”

Munich Community Music Conference 2015

Last month I attended the Community Music Conference both as speaker and listener in Munich. I did not only meet a lot of talented colleagues from all around the world, but also got inspired by many amazing ideas. Here is a small video which summarizes the event, made by Matthias Fischer. Community Music. München. Fachtagung. from MatthiasContinue reading “Munich Community Music Conference 2015”