Friday Live at Unique People


So excited to be the guest of Işıl Uysal Calvelli at Younich to talk about my personal journey and music! Make sure you tune into or this Friday at 16:30 CET 🕺

Bu Cuma Türkiye saati ile 18:30’da Younich’te müzikten ve kişisel yolculuklardan konuşmak üzere Işıl Uysal Calvelli’nin canlı yayın konuğu oluyorum. veya üzerinden siz de sohbetimize katılabilirsiniz! 🕺

“Unique people unique lives! This Friday at 16:30 CET I am going to interview Sezgin Inceel, singer, songwriter, teaching artists. I am curious to learn about his journey, which transitions he went through and how he experiences meaning in his unique life. Join us live on Instagram and join the conversation! So excited! See you on Friday (Feb 16) at 16:30 CET (18:30 Turkey, 15:30 UK 10:30 EST)

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