Munich Community Music Conference 2015


Last month I attended the Community Music Conference both as speaker and listener in Munich. I did not only meet a lot of talented colleagues from all around the world, but also got inspired by many amazing ideas. Here is a small video which summarizes the event, made by Matthias Fischer.

Community Music. München. Fachtagung. from Matthias Fischer on Vimeo.

What is Community Music?

According to “Community music enables people to enjoy and learn from making music with each other and it enriches their lives. 

People of different faiths and cultures need to feel more included within a multicultural society. Many disaffected people are turned off from traditional ways of learning. A safer society that cares more for its citizens would be good for us all.

Community music work can help address these issues and many more.

  • Children with the most challenging behaviour can develop through community music.
  • Music can help with basic learning.

More links on CM:

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