CD Release Concert of ‘Ümitvâr’

Last night, I had a great time on the CD Release concert of  ‘Ümitvâr’. We laughed, cried, sang and clapped together. You told me that you find yourselves in my songs, that I wrote in order to find myself. This is the biggest present ever.  See you in the next concerts. #ümitvâr Güldük, ağladık, beraberContinue reading “CD Release Concert of ‘Ümitvâr’”

Legenden und Entdeckungen

Friends! Today (22th April 2018) at 17:30 CET one of my songs will be played in Bayern2 – again! The show is called ‘Legenden und Entdeckungen’ (Legends and discoveries). Happy, honoured and excited to be a part of it. You can livestream it here: Dostlar! Bugün (22 Nisan 2018) bir kez daha Bayern2’a birContinue reading “Legenden und Entdeckungen”

Ümitvâr is on KulturWelt!

Today my songs from my debut album ‘Ümitvâr’ was played on the radio for the first time! Here you can stream the Kulturwelt, where they introduced my CD ‘Ümitvâr’ and talked about the concert on the 25th April at Heppel & Ettlich. My songs come around 06:30 and 17:10.…/programmkalen…/ausstrahlung-1363526.html Bugün Bayern2’da Kulturwelt programında albümüm Ümitvâr tanıtıldıContinue reading “Ümitvâr is on KulturWelt!”